Cal-Miser’s origins go back to a simple problem: creating a gas-fired aluminum holding furnace that is inexpensive to build and easy to maintain. After this, the next problem solved was finding a way to keep energy costs low. The result was the development of a unique energy-saving holding furnace design with very low production costs.

That same philosophy applies to all of Cal-Miser’s services.

Getting the Most from Your Furnace

If a unit wears out or fails, regardless of the manufacturer, die casters have found Cal-Miser to be their solution. We consult with the client to evaluate which of three approaches would is most cost-effective. In some cases, a simple repair can extend the life of a unit by many years. Other times, even a complete refurbish is not enough to save an aging piece of equipment.

Cal-Miser provides three levels of service. We call them The Three Rs.

Cal-Miser’s:  Three Rs to Furnace Efficiency & Performance


Following a complete equipment diagnosis, we determine what furnace components might need to be replaced or adjusted.


Excellent results can be achieved by dismantling the unit and rebuilding it with new parts, if available.


In a complete furnace refurbishing, each component is carefully returned to original factory specifications. Your furnace will arrive back in your plant in “like new” condition!

Having issues with your furnace?

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